My grandmother is 85 years old now.
She is the old lady in this video.
Even though this is not a documentary, "Young" stills illustrates her real experiences as an outsider of the electronic age.
She is very kind and gentle, so she never interrupts and asks us to teach her how to play with what we are playing.
But she is lonely.
I catched her peeking over the shoulders of my cousins when they are playing on their phone next to her.
Born and raised in a very unstable era in China, she never went to school for education,
so we assumed she wouldn't understand.
So we never explained anything to her.
She digests, and embraces everything given to her.
Yet she is not docile.
She gave birth to seven children,
raised them all up with an education, when the family might not afford three meals a day,
taught them virtues and responsibilities,
passedby death multiple times,
and supported such a big family with love and spirit.
She is strong inside.
She is 85 years old now.
She does a good job of being the "kind, quiet grandma"
but how could she be satisfied?
She will never reconcile with peace, age
and boredom.
I know she tries, secretly
to be young.

What does being "young" mean?
Will our explanation equal to her interpretation?

How does trying to be young feel like?
Our assumption will never equal to her experience.
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