Yelp is one of the apps that I often use, but I can't help to find it depressing because of too much information and the visual design. So in this project, the goal is to improve Yelp iOs app's visual identity and user experience, simplify information and eliminate repeated steps. 
There are a few main points to this redesign:
0. Simplify
From the Logo, to information on each page, to user experience, I tried to simplify the design both visually and functionally. By emphasizing photos, reducing texts, and merge overlapping functions, I tried to make Yelp more pleasant to use. 
1. Search
In the original app, there are 5 buttons on the navigation bar, making it seems complicated. However, the "Search" page is almost identical to "Nearby" page. So in the redesign, I combined the two into one page called "Featured," in which allows users to search but also recommends popular restaurants nearby. 
2. Add Review + Navigation Bar
The add review function takes up the largest space in both navigation bar and the restaurant info page, but it is pointless to put "add review" button on the homepage navigation bar because it still has to go through the searching steps to locate the business. Therefore I took out the Add review buttons on the main navigation bar and put them all on each restaurant's page as fixed bottom navigations. This way, the main home navigation is simplified and the restaurant page also becomes more organized and straightforward. 
3. Discover
The Discover page is a extension of the original "Activity" page. It contains 3 levels of information, rankings, hot reviews and friends' activity. This way it not only merges nearby reviews and friends on the same display, but also adds more layers to the feed, making it more interesting to browse through.  
4. My Page
The original App doesn't have a labeled user's profile/home page, but instead uses "More" as the label, making it confusing to use. Maybe this is the reason why users cannot think of or use Yelp as a social networking app, even though it already has all the necessary function. Here I reorganized the More page into a "user's home", where the user can see all his/her activities, friends and information laid out clearly. The activity timeline also makes it easier to connect and identify with other users. 
Thank You!
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