In this growing tech-dominant world, data about our life is constantly being recorded. Will there be a day, when we no longer exist in this world, all we have left are these data that tell our stories? These data might be the only traces of our existence. But how much can data represent a person? Are there ways to close the gap between data and a person’s complex, emotional world? How can data about me translate my existence? 
This project is a kinetic data visualization installation that attempts to translate quantitative data into emotional stories. 7 types of data about a day in my life are recorded (rate of breathing, heartbeat, commuting, dreaming, etc.), and 7 corresponding sculptures hang from the ceiling to represent these data. Whenever an event happens, the corresponding sculpture exerts a subtle movement. 5 of the sculptures have QR codes attached. Audience can scan these to access a piece of memory or emotion I have about that particular type of activity in my life. 
Web VR on every sculpture:
Memory No.5 "Soul Museum" 
on "Death" object

Memory No.1 "Home" 
on "Commute" object

Memory No.2 "Estranged Hometown" 
on "Memory" object

Memory No.3 "The Emptiness Paradox"
on "Belief" object

Memory No.4 "Crossroad"
on "Dream" object
The Web VR scenes are presented through Google Web VR.
Other tools used in this project: Unity, Illustrations, paper clays, Arduino 
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