The Colibri Kites project is both a poetic gesture and memorial event to commemorate the undocumented migrants who died while crossing the US-Mexican border.
In this Speculative Design project, I created "The Colibri Kites Foundation" to hold an memorial event for the lost, undocumented border migrants and their families. Each migrant is a colibri, meaning hummingbird in Spanish, and each colibri takes the form of a kite. On the day of the dead, thousands of Colibri Kites go up in the sky, to mourn the deceased migrants and let their souls return home. As the kites fly, the family members feeling the pull on the threads as they would feel that their loved ones’ soul has really come back. 
With this emotional and poetic gesture, I wish to draw attention to the issue of border immigration and show the perspectives of the ordinary families of the border crossers. This is not an illegal immigration condition, but a human condition that everyone can resonate with. 
I designed the kites, made them and took them to the Mexico-US border to fly and film. In the end I have a website for the project as well as a promotional video. 

Please visit the live site to see the full project: Colibri Kites
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