Hideouts - Erasing Existence is site-specific location-based web-artwork on UCLA campus.
Concept Description
I always like to find very enclosed spaces on campus as places where I can hide and nobody will notice. Many people also like to do so especially in places like libraries, where people hide between the book shelves with a large armchair guarding that personal space. But ultimately these spaces are public. People like me who like to "hide" in these public spaces are constructing a "safety box":  you walk in this box and you feel completely different and disintegrated from the rest of the world. 
What if we erase everything around this box that contain us, do we feel that no one can access here anymore? Or do we feel that our existence gets erased too? This mobile app is a psychological simulation and reflection of our perceptual experience at "hideout" places. As we erase the outside world, do we really feel "safe", or panic about the isolation and vacuum? 
This web app contains 3 different "hideout" locations on UCLA campus. In the ideal version, the app detects your geo-location and enters the respective screens if you enter the pre-determined hideout locations. For documentation and demonstration purposes, here I used a version using buttons to change locations. 
Try exploring the "Hideout" experience on your mobile device --> here. 
See a demo video below 
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