"Breathe" is an real-time air quality data visualization web app that lets you feel the air quality of any city in the world. It turns the screen into a mass of breathing air, and through the various visualizations users can empathize with the suffocating effects of polluted air and refreshing clean air. 
This Web App uses the AirVisual API. An invisible world map hides on screen and the user can click anywhere on screen to see if there is an Air Visual air quality station around that Lat/Lon coordinate. The nicer the air quality, the greener, lighter the screen will appear; the worse the air quality, the darker and more suffocating the screen. 
The color of the screen reflects the temperature of the location selected: The warmer the redder, the colder the bluer. 
The particle flowing direction determines the current wind direction.
The particle amount reflects the atmospheric pressure and pollution index.
The particle moving speed reflects the speed of the wind. 
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